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Land of leather sofas

Postby Hepaccedy on Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:13 am

Looking for a refreshed custom look in your bedroom? Do you like a particularly lush sensuous fabric…or perhaps a masculine leather headboard to set a strong mood? The new class of innovative easy-to-install and affordable headboard slipcovers make bedroom design makeovers a snap-of-the-fingers easy. rn rnMore Home Entertainment Choices – Surround Sound Headboards. With 500+ cable channels pouring into multiple in-house hook-ups, and a dizzying range of land and now satellite radio choices plus millions of music CDs and DVD films, it’s no wonder that high fidelity and multimedia entertainment work their way into our bedrooms. Surround sound headboard designs simply extend the natural reach of film and music into our most private chambers.
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